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Winter was a Human scientist who joined Doctor Theodore Haskin's expedition to the Talos star group aboard the SS Columbia. Winter was killed when the Columbia crashed on the surface of Talos IV in 2236[1][2].

Eighteen years later, the Talosians recreated an image of him, as part of their attempt to lure the crew of the USS Enterprise to the surface[2]. Upon viewing the Enterprise landing party, he observed, "They're men! Human!", before inquiring, "Is Earth all right?"[1].

Winter's name comes from the James Blish novelization ("The Menagerie"), as he went unnamed in the television episode and photostory of "The Cage". "The Menagerie" combines the second and third "survivors" seen in TOS: "The Cageα", played by Leonard Mudie and Anthony Jochim, respectively.


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