The USS Coridan Queen (NCC-561) was a 23rd century Federation Destroyer-class starship operated by Starfleet[1].

Service historyEdit

Civilian serviceEdit

The Coridan Queen started her career as a civilian commercial interplanetary cruiser, the Lodestar IX, and was built by Lockheed Spaceframe, Inc. in 2243. During the African crisis of 2254, the Lodestar IX was drafted into service on the Earth-Mars run and was renamed Spacebird.

She continued on the Earth-Mars run until 2261, when she was transferred to the Federation Starfleet where she was christened the Coridan Queen by the Coridan ambassador to Earth[1].

Starfleet serviceEdit

On stardate 1469.7, Lieutenant Montgomery Scott was appointed as chief engineering officer of the Coridan Queen, a promotion from assistant chief engineer aboard the USS Hood. Also assigned to the Coridan Queen at this time was Tom Nellis, Elizabeth Crawley, and Lyman Epstein.

The Coridan Queen was ordered to New Bavaria, the third planet of Omicron Gamma, to deal with a revolt which was believed to be instigated by the Klingons. Lt. Scott volunteered to beam down to the planet's surface and infiltrate a group of revolutionaries, soon discovering that the Klingons were not involved, and the revolt was due to the corrupt planetary government[1].

Notes and referencesEdit

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