Tommy Preston was a 23rd century Human male[1].

In the early 2270s, Preston was involved in a relationship with Fran. The couple had a son, Peter, who was born in 2271[2].

Preston resided at Clara's farmhouse in northern Scotland where they started to raise their son along with Clara's daughter from a previous relationship, Dannan Stuart. Preston found it difficult to cope with Clara's artistic temperament and her insistence that nobody disturbed her while she was working in her art studio. This eventually caused the relationship to break up and Preston left the family home, vowing that he was moving to the outer colonies on the first available ship[3].

This section contains information from "Retrospect", which was contradicted by later sources
By the late 2250s, Tommy was in a relationship with Fran Scott. Their son, Peter was born in 2260, and joined the family which consisted of Tommy, Fran, and her daughter Dannan.

The couple were married by 2270. Tommy worked hard to provide for his family, which was greatly appreciated by his wife. She did, however, believe that his American accent had corrupted "[their] bairns" and they had no Scots brogue at all[1].

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