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"The Cage" is a special edition of Star Trek: New Visions by John Byrne and adapts TOS: "The Cageα" into a photostory. It was released by IDW Publishing in July 2016 to celebrate Star Trek's 50 anniversary.


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acting captain; Adam and Eve; American Continent Institute; armor; bartender; bridge; briefing room; cabin; cadet ship; Class M; coffee; colony; Columbia, SS; communicator; distress signal; Earth; engineering deck; Enterprise, USS; evasive maneuver; fortress; gravity; hand laser; horse; hull; Human; hyperdrive; ice; intercraft; Kaylar; landing party; laser cannon; light speed; martini; meteorite beam; narcotic; nitrogen; Orion colony; Orion slave girl; oxygen; picnic; radio; radio wave; Regulus; Rigel VII; shield; spaceship; spear; sugar; sword; Talos IV; Talos Star Group; Talosian; Tango; telepathy; thermos; time barrier; transporter; Vega colony; warp factor; zoo


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