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    Star Trek: The Enterprise Logs was a series of books collecting the Gold Key Comics Star Trek in trade paperback form. The series ran for four volumes from August 1976 to Winter 1977 and reprinted the first 35 monthly issues of the 61 issues that originally made up that series.

In June 2004, Checker Books began releasing Star Trek: The Key Collection. The first two volumes contained the same content as the first two The Enterprise Logs volumes.


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Subsidiaries: Dan Curtis GiveawayDynabrite ComicsGold Key ComicsGolden PressWhitman Publishing Western Publishing logo
Writers and artists: Frank BolleGerry BoudreauArnold DrakeDoug DrexlerAlberto GiolittiGeorge KashdanAlden McWilliamsAlan MonizMack ReynoldsJohn WarnerLen WeinGeorge WilsonDick WoodsNevio Zeccara
Novels and collections: Mission to HoratiusThe Enterprise Logs: 1234
Star Trek (Gold Key): "The Planet of No Return" • "The Devil's Isle of Space" • "Invasion of the City Builders" • "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" • "The Ghost Planet" • "When Planets Collide" • "The Voodoo Planet" • "The Youth Trap" • "The Legacy of Lazarus" • "Sceptre of the Sun" • "The Brain Shockers" • "The Flight of the Buccaneer" • "Dark Traveler" • "The Enterprise Mutiny" • "Museum at the End of Time" • "Day of the Inquisitors" • "The Cosmic Cavemen" • "The Hijacked Planet" • "The Haunted Asteroid" • "A World Gone Mad" • "The Mummies of Heitius VII" • "Siege in Superspace" • "Child's Play" • "The Trial of Captain Kirk" • "Dwarf Planet" • "The Perfect Dream" • "Ice Journey" • "The Mimicking Menace" • "Death of a Star" • "The Final Truth" • "The Animal People" • "The Choice" • "The PsychoCrystals" • "A Bomb in Time" • "One of Our Captains is Missing!" • "Prophet of Peace" • "Furlough to Fury" • "The Evictors" • "World Against Time" • "World Beneath the Waves" • "Prince Traitor" • "Mr. Oracle" • "This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit" • "Murder Board the Enterprise" • "A Warp in Space" • "The Planet of No Life" • "Destination Annihilation" • "And a Child Shall Lead Them" • "What Fools These Mortals Be" • "Sport of Knaves" • "A World Against Itself" • "No Time Like the Past" • "Spore of the Devil" • "Brain-Damaged Planet" • "To Err Is Vulcan" • "The Empire Man" • "Operation Con Game" • "Trial By Fire"

"Psycho-File: James T. Kirk" • "A Page from Scotty's Diary" • "Psycho-File: Spock" • "From Sputnik to Warp Drive"

Star Trek (Gold Key) reprints: Star Trek AnnualStar Trek Television Picture Story BookStar Trek Comic AlbumStar Trek Picture BookStar Trek SpecialStar Trek: The Key CollectionStar Trek: Gold Key Archives

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