Robert Burns Scott[1][2] was a 23rd century Human male. Like generations of Scotts before him, Robert became an engineer and worked on the construction of Federation starships at the Linlithgow Shipyards[3].

With his work at the Linlithgow Shipyards, Robert resided in the town of Linlithgow with his wife Arlyne[4] and three children: Montgomery[1], Clara[5], and Robbie[3].

As the eldest son of an eldest son, Robert was the keeper of the ancient Scott family fighting targe and double-handed broadsword. He later passed these artifacts on to Montgomery[6].

Robert was intolerant of radishes, a trait he passed on to Montgomery, and so was unable to enjoy his sister-in-law Ingrid's Hummer og Grontsagssalat[4].

This section contains information from Star Trek II Biographies, which was contradicted by later sources
Robert married Mary Darnley and together they had three children: James McNeil Scott, Montgomery (born 31 August 2121), and Mary Darnley Scott[1].

In 2145, Robert and his wife attended Montgomery's graduation ceremony from Starfleet Academy, where they met their son's friends and classmates for the first time.

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