James Tiberius "Jim" Kirk (born March 22, 2233[1]) was a Human male serving in Starfleet during the 23rd century.

A graduate of Starfleet Academy, Kirk became one of the youngest officers to rise to the rank of starship captain, having risen to commanding officer of the Constitution-class USS Enterprise in his early 30's[2]. He later commanded the USS Enterprise-A following the original's destruction in 2285[3]. As captain of the Enterprise on several extended tours, he served as an ambassador for the United Federation of Planets[2] and made a record-setting number of first contacts[4].

Kirk retired from Starfleet in 2293 following the decomissioning of the Enterprise-A. However, he was convinced to briefly return and attend the launch of the Excelsior-class USS Enterprise-B. It was during this cruise that Kirk was believed killed as he participated in rescuing El-Aurian refugees from the Nexus. However, he had been drawn into the Nexus and remained there until 2371, when he voluntarily left the Nexus to assist Jean-Luc Picard in preventing the destruction of the Veridian system by Doctor Tolian Soran. Unfortunately, Kirk was killed when a section of bridge he was standing on collapsed[5].

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