"The Glenlivet" was a single malt Scotch whiskey produced in Scotland.

Lieutenant Montgomery Scott brought a bottle of Glenlivet aboard when he was assigned to the USS Enterprise in 2252. He shared a glass with Bob Brien when they discussed the possibility of him making "engine room hooch"[1].

When the Enterprise intercepted the Romulan smuggler "Achernar" in 2281, a search of his cargo ship's hold included various alcoholic beverages from across the galaxy, including several dusty old bottles of Glenlivet. This drew the attention of Commander Montgomery Scott[2].

This section contains information from Star Trek II Short Stories, which was contradicted by later sources
In 2144, Montgomery Scott had a bottle of Glenlivet stashed away at the family home. His brother, James McNeil Scott, discovered the bottle and "put it to a fine use" by asking his girlfriend to marry him[3].

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