Fran Scott

Fran Preston (2285)

Fran "Frannie" Preston was a 23rd century Human female. She was the sister of Montgomery Scott.

By the late 2250s, Fran had married an American named Tommy Preston. Their son, Peter, was born in 2260.

In 2270, Fran and her children were visited by Montgomery following the USS Enterprise's return to Earth at the conclusion of its historic five-year mission. During conversation with her brother, Fran revealed her concerns about Peter following his uncle into Starfleet, with Montgomery vowing that he would have Peter work with him and that he would look after him. Shortly after, she revealed that Glynnis Campbell, her brother's childhood sweetheart, had also returned to Earth from Beta Nairobi II.

In 2285, Fran was dealt a terrible blow when Peter was killed in action aboard the Enterprise during its engagement with Khan Noonien Singh aboard the USS Reliant. At the following funeral service on stardate 8140.1, Fran came face-to-face with her brother for the first time and, overcome with emotions, struck him around the face, admonishing him for breaking the promise he made years earlier[1]

Scotty's sister is referred to as Clara in Engines of Destiny and The Future Begins.

Notes and referencesEdit

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